Laser Cut

We are equipped with the latest fiber laser cutting technology, which translates into greater efficiency, speed and low production costs. Compared with CO2 equipment, the fiber allows to emit a 200% more efficient light without consumption of focus lenses because they are sealed in the head of the machine.

In terms of energy consumption, our equipment is 3kW, consuming one third of the energy of a 4kW CO2 laser cutting machine. The cutting speed is far superior in thinner materials, and allows cutting of reflective materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

In terms of most important features, our fiber laser machine has Smart Cut mode, which works in thicknesses of less than 5 mm and reduces by 30% the number of cutting cycles required to produce a particular part. The Max Cut mode reduces the processing time for materials with thicknesses greater than 5 mm. The Grid Cut mode allows you to optimize the movement of the laser head in order to cut grids faster and more efficiently, regardless of the shape they have. The Night Cut mode allows intensive productions without human intervention, and the machine has complete control throughout the monitoring of the cutting process.

We call

Laser Fiber Cutting

Laser Fiber Cutting

Last generation in Laser Fiber Cutting.

Speed and Performance

Speed and Performance

Powerful light beam for fast and precise cutting.

Flexible Productions

Flexible Productions

Production flexibility, regardless of the units.

"The fiber laser cutting technology is fantastic, fast and impressive."

Sérgio Monteiro

Flame Decor

In addition to traditional 2D flat cutting, our laser fiber cutting machine also allows 3D cutting, by moving on all three axes (X, Y and Z). In this mode, it is possible to cut round tube up to 150 mm and square up to 150×150 mm. The working area corresponds to X = 3000 mm, Y = 1500 mm and Z = 150 mm.

Maximum cutting dimensions per material: Iron (20mm), Aluminum (10mm), Stainless (12mm), Copper (8mm), Galvanized (4mm) and Brass (6mm).

Due to our production capacity, we have stock of various thicknesses and sizes, from sheet metal to tubes.

We have human capital experienced in CO2 and fiber laser cutting machinery, with training in equipment, software and technical design. We also have a team of graphic designers who can perform any graphics in vector format so it can be laser cutted.

Regardless of your idea or project, simply provide us with the .IGES, .STEP, .DXF, .DWG, .AI, .EPS or .SVG file extension. You can also provide us with an outline, paper drawing or image file, we will try to provide you with the product with the highest cutting quality.

If necessary, we can offer complementary services for the laser cutting finished parts, namely in terms of design, painting, packaging, labeling and shipping.