Lacquering is a process of electrostatic painting composed of several processes or stages, which result in a painting of the highest quality. This process consists of effectively protecting ferrous materials against potential chemical or mechanical reactions that could damage its composition.

At VM Laser we have a lacquer powder and liquid line, both electrostatic, in a continuous line and closed circuit. Being electrostatic allows less waste of ink and better results in terms of quality.

In terms of stages, the line has three stages of washing and passivation where the degreasing, cleaning and protection of the parts, the removal of excesses and the final washing are processed, after which they are dried before the painting phase.

The last step is to cure the paint in a heated oven up to a maximum of 230º.

We offer a range of lacquering and painting options from traditional inks to high temperature painting and lacquering for parts subjected to temperatures up to 400 ° C.

In terms of sizing, our lacquering line allows to accommodate parts between 17001180×200 or 1200 x 650 x1180 mm.

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